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Not Octii
Not Octii 21 timme sedan
Anyone else hear the DBD crows or Mystery Box opening sound?
gummy jester
gummy jester 21 timme sedan
my immediate thought was blowing the instructions off the table its easy and incredibly needed
47Jaspers 21 timme sedan
33:15 Is Taskmaster such a popular program that the city erected a traffic sign to direct fans?
lulospawn 21 timme sedan
I think Russell was off-side at the first task. Joe Wilkinson got shafted for that!
eurovision50 21 timme sedan
He's pretty fit.
Red Mercer
Red Mercer 21 timme sedan
this is the second worst lemon party I've ever seen
lulospawn 21 timme sedan
I don't get it. I'm a str8 dude but I find Greg so beatiful. Liked him better w/o the beard though.
Shoo 21 timme sedan
The water bucket idea was so great! I'm surprised it took longer than the random assembly of the others
George 21 timme sedan
I think the word ed was looking for was RIVAL :)
glockenrein 21 timme sedan
I love Rhod but a decent rigger he is not. 😂😂
MrRaindog 22 timmar sedan
So the contests are: Anger management problems, existential terror, delightfully positive energy, I'd rather be drinking tea and PANIC mom!
Kieràn Quinlivan
Kieràn Quinlivan 22 timmar sedan
I have never laughed as hard as I did at Alex sitting on the cake
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 22 timmar sedan
Champion of Champions is also one of the best line ups in terms of likeable comedians. atleast imo
polar official
polar official 22 timmar sedan
paul and the baby monitor....
WhoCares 22 timmar sedan
helps that the champions of champions are also a really good lineup
Emory Daniel
Emory Daniel 22 timmar sedan
I love all the contestants on the show, but Alex is king
marinus van deventer
marinus van deventer 22 timmar sedan
Cant believe it ended with a performance of rite of springs Very moving thank you
WaterbuffelNL 22 timmar sedan
This is one of the very few times something game-related was on a tv-show and it didn't become cringe as hell.
Teebo 22 timmar sedan
Mark is the definite winner of that task! Aisling comes second with ferocity though! Sally completes the podium with her cuteness overload.
Alissa Penney
Alissa Penney 22 timmar sedan
"Give Alex a special cuddle" Proceeds to waterboard him and shove cake in his clothes
Gatis Pelnēns
Gatis Pelnēns 23 timmar sedan
Mel wore the shoe from previous episode?
Jasmine Dearmas
Jasmine Dearmas 23 timmar sedan
I want watermelon now🤣🤣🤣🤣
Connor Plankey
Connor Plankey 23 timmar sedan
Shoulda had a quickie in the caravan as their fun
Natalie D
Natalie D 23 timmar sedan
I would’ve taped a single leaf to the back of my neck under my hair. Like, who tf would guess that
Jessica Chernak
Jessica Chernak 23 timmar sedan
Was Joe's whole family murdered and then he went under hypnosis to block it out and his agent forced him to be on this show. Because every time the camera is on him he literally looks like he is on the verge of recalling some deep traumatic experience.
Aadyah Vadapalli
Aadyah Vadapalli Dag sedan
"dogs of india!" said by a white man, in india, and i cant stop laughing-he obviously was addressing actual dogs, but my god--im wheezing (im indian)
LuigiGamingLP Dag sedan
I just have to say glueing one to the Painting is such a POWER MOVE... Id probably cut a small piece out of one and put it up my sleeve. Like 1cm³ neatly tucked away... Or, just go ALL OUT and dice one of them.And then just hide it EVERYWHERE.
Zack S
Zack S Dag sedan
I love how when Rhod watches the tasks back he looks absolutely mystified that what he did actually happened 😂
Luis Dag sedan
Imagine Alex feeling sad and writing this task
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Dag sedan
It said without moving or touching *the* bucket. That, to me, implies _one_ bucket - the bucket with water in it. I would have moved the empty bucket closer and used the hose to siphon the water.
Geofferey Landinowski
Geofferey Landinowski Dag sedan
"That could be the weather of the future" 💀
Zyanid Warfare
Zyanid Warfare Dag sedan
I feel like a 20£ gift card would have been the best gift
Toguy Dag sedan
Not the best as the Noel guy was shown a lot of favourtism and Hugh not given the same respect, he was too smart at times.
Miles Mojave
Miles Mojave Dag sedan
The injustice Joe suffered at the hand of the Taskmaster still boils my blood to this day. We must march for Joe!
ILikeThingsItsTrue Dag sedan
WTF, boots are the exact opposite of gloves. How could those be counted as gloves and get her disqualified?
Mkkn Nkdl
Mkkn Nkdl Dag sedan
I subscribed instantly, then I heard the laughtrack and subsequently unsubscribed.
rmhartman Dag sedan
I am literally laughing to tears over this one.
THE MAJOR Dag sedan
For all the people having a taskmaster marathon , what if i told that in the last seconds of every episode you’ve watched there is an extra bit
Finie - Stream Replays
Finie - Stream Replays Dag sedan
ah yes, the task of james veitch
Scan YT
Scan YT Dag sedan
The beans lol
TheHiddenRoar Dag sedan
the person that thought alex wanted to sexually abuse her on the hugging task is talking about sexism? do you really think its not sexist if you assume every male person is a rapist?
H.A Dag sedan
katherine's "hip hop trousers" are just ASTOUNDING for some reason lmao until she started rapping i thought maybe it was just laundry day...
Rhys Griffin
Rhys Griffin Dag sedan
Anyone wanna buy some pills
Xenox G
Xenox G Dag sedan
Can't believe nobody did it so far... @25:16 General Kenobi
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar Dag sedan
So first tears and now sweat. What else are those egg cups going to see over the rest of the series?
ILikeThingsItsTrue Dag sedan
Oh Aisling! Awesome, I love her
Emperor Pingu's math channel
Emperor Pingu's math channel Dag sedan
Bruh he barely spoke
Red Mercer
Red Mercer Dag sedan
the world record is 141 eggs in three minutes? Those did not stay down long
Jeremy Hanna
Jeremy Hanna Dag sedan
Fantastic task, crap judgement on this one.
Toren Woodstock
Toren Woodstock Dag sedan
Somehow after about a week of ravenous taskmaster consumption, I have never come across an episode from this season
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar Dag sedan
Toxins: If you eat it - Poisonous If it eats you - Venomous
Chloe Sibilla
Chloe Sibilla Dag sedan
pie isnt a pastry
DeathnoteBB Dag sedan
“Howzit gonna come out of both?” “Well this is what I’m trying to work out, Alex.” So professional for such a silly thing! 🤣 Also the editing at 3:29 was perfect
Emily Gallagher
Emily Gallagher Dag sedan
I love watched Alex's reactions to both the Tasks and Greg's reactions to things.
Lorenzo Signorini
Lorenzo Signorini Dag sedan
Taskmaster series 7 is up there with braking bad and bojack horseman
Ben Stahr
Ben Stahr Dag sedan
I was curious when I saw the model cars. They are Trababt 601s (called Trabbi) and have been the predominant car in the GDR. They became a symbol for the reunion because they where all over West-Berlin when the wall fell. On a remaining part of the wall there is a graffiti of a Trabbi braking through the wall.
Bloodyblade num1
Bloodyblade num1 Dag sedan
Thank God someone took it off the string
Sweedy Dag sedan
That last task reminds me of the 'if Hulk picked up Thor who is holding his hammer did Hulk pick up Mjolnir' argument
Ravenstar2296 Dag sedan
Im surprised none of them thought to just leave the room and put the egg on the roof or something
MrHocotateFreight Dag sedan
The simple definition of dissappear: to reverse appearing. Bring it out of view Wait wait wait even better. Its the argument of how many parts can you replace on a car before its a different car. Just smash it more than 50% and its not what it was beford
cnel90 Dag sedan
Wait does Mel have her lime crushing shoe on from the previous episode? lmao
Airlie Borlase
Airlie Borlase Dag sedan
Wait cos that was NOT a fucking chicken😭😭😭😭😭
Samael 11
Samael 11 Dag sedan
Man I was rooting for Jess. Because you know what winners get? They don't just get fingered,They get oral too.
Prvosienko Dag sedan
How to make a show out of absolutely nothing. Not funny, not educational, not interesting. Pretty wow this has over 400k views.
sballcoach256 Dag sedan
This show is freaking GOLD
idiocracy Dag sedan
Rhod is amazing on this show.
Bloodyblade num1
Bloodyblade num1 Dag sedan
Did no one think of going onto the roof
Petr Dag sedan
3:53 when you take off fursuit head
Valerie Moon
Valerie Moon Dag sedan
I had to do a double take because I thought Claudia Winkleman already did the show, when she hasn't yet, which is an indication that she will be perfect for the show.
Sarcastican Dag sedan
Most surprised no one bothered to put pillow covers over their shoes and just walk away.
benepic Dag sedan
Asim fucking KILLED IT
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar Dag sedan
I really really hope Paul is putting on a character otherwise I'm gonna be genuinely embarrassed on behalf of the motherland. Smh.
bad matter
bad matter Dag sedan
my first thought was to drop it from a very short height just because everyone else would be overly ambitious
That Sarcastic Guy
That Sarcastic Guy Dag sedan
Bob's fucking face mask man! Jesus H, that was hilarious 🤣
Jojo Dag sedan
The tracksuit wins 😂💀
Lois Smith
Lois Smith Dag sedan
Is the audience’s bar really so low that they’ll clap and cheer for someone repeating a incredibly basic task explanation? Lmao
Kevin Mcluvin
Kevin Mcluvin Dag sedan
"I'm at the mercy of internal happenings"
Navnit Kumar
Navnit Kumar Dag sedan
I love the dresses that that Katherine wears. It makes her out to be so elegant and demure, which having watched these panel shows for the last ten or so years, I know she is anything but. But she is lovely and has a great sense for fashion.
Sam Van Roon
Sam Van Roon Dag sedan
What I find funny is that any one of the could have gotten second by literally just holding the egg above their head.
somethingelse Dag sedan
Greg straight up owning, without trying to be jokey about it, that he used his childhood bear to get off, weirdly makes me respect him.